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Here are some resources to help teach English in the classroom.

Non-commercial use only please!


A couple of short videos to get everyone smiling: the Jungle Book Dance and the Siamese Cat Song


Younger children with very little English will enjoy the
Jungle Book Dance & the adventures of Uncle Edgar. They'll also love learning about Penguins, Nocturnal Animals, Snow Leopards and Polar Bears


Teens/young adults will love the conversations between
Fred & Rita and the every popular Mystery of the Mary Celeste. And the Is that True? stories will get everyone talking.
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Note for ESL, EFL & ESOL Teachers

What is ESL Young Learners?
An independent website providing free resources for English language teachers and students. These include reading and listening materials for use in the classroom or online.

Which resources can I use with my students?
Think of ESL Young Learners as a library. Materials are broadly categorised by age and/or
level - but visitors can use any materials they can manage.
  • Materials for the Age 5+ range in level from Beginners to Pre-intermediate.
  • Materials for the Age 10+ range in level from Pre-intermediate to Upper Intermediate.

Less confident
older learners may want to try the materials for younger children or vice versa.